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The original experiment

Inviting Unity

The Common Ground Experiment grew out of a partnership formed between Wesley Prep 4th grade students and their friends at the Austin Street Center.  In this time of division and polarization around the world, we want to highlight and celebrate what we have in common.  Some beautiful friendships are forming among these students and shelter guests. Despite differences in age, race, gender or life experiences, they have found a way to celebrate one another. We wanted to share their beautiful example with the world.  It is only through real relationships that any societal problems can be solved.  We hope to lead others toward unity by sharing our story.

Here are two videos of our first experiment:

Through Collective Creativity

     In an effort to truly get to know one another, the two groups decided to create something together. Creativity requires vulnerability, honesty, and courage...all things needed to form real connections with others.   Together, my 4th graders and their friends at Austin Street wrote poetry.  They brainstormed and discussed and dreamed and painted pictures with their words. They got to know and be known by one another.  This shared experience became part of all of our stories.  No one felt marginalized or small; everyone was a part of something beautiful that we made together. We compiled our poems into a book which we sold to raise money for the center and for future Common Ground Experiments.  In addition, we hosted a poetry reading at Opening Bell Coffee in April2017. We got to share our poetry with a crowd of over 300 citizens of Dallas.  In addition we raised $6000 for Austin Street Center.

And Encouraging You to do the Same

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