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Project Illuminate!

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Another Common Ground Experiment.

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Our current project

We Believe...

  • The world needs more unity; less margins and bubbles
  • Shared time and experiences spark friendships
  • Collaborative creativity ignites a sense of community
  • What we can accomplish together is greater than what we can do alone.
  • Kids can make a difference and light the way for others
  • Everyone's voice deserves to be heard
  • Together our light shines brighter, and we can be a beacon of hope and compassion to make our community bright!

So Here's What We're Doing...

Project Illuminate grew from some Wesley Prep 4th graders who wanted to make a difference and their friends in the Sisterhood at Austin Street who wanted to help. We joined together to write and illustrate a children's story  called Shine.  We want to spread the message that we should always be light seekers. Light is there if we look for ourselves and in others. 

     We will auction off our original artwork and sell our book to raise money for two special causes. Half of our proceeds will benefit The Sisterhood program at Austin Street Center, and we will  donate the other half to The Laura Bush Foundation. 

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Join us at Interabang Books on May 19th!

Join us at Interabang Books

on May 19th at 7 p.m. for an author/illustrator meet and greet.

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